Sunday, September 28, 2014

Specialty dish made of Filipino Chocolate....heheh

So with transfer, I am happy to say that both Sister Salde and I are still companions! I'm super excited about it for sure. The work is really good. there is one Nanay who is so golden and she is so ready for the gospel, but we cannot figure out how to help her come to church and it's so frustrating because she has agency! ;) We have tried just about everything, but I'm not giving up because I know she is so ready. Other peoples' agency is the most frustrating thing about missionary work. 

Honestly, nothing that weird happened to me... That's new. Or maybe I am just used to it now. But I did get tricked into eating this "specialty" dish. So what they told me, because it's a meat that's really dark in color, it that it is cooked in Filipino chocolate (which I didn't believe, but I had no idea what it was). So I ate it and tried to pretend that I liked it (I'm now expert at that...) Nope. Totally couldn't eat it. I literally ate like a bite. Come to find out, it's meat thats cooked in blood. So that's real awesome and for sure I am never eating that again. But I least I tried it. I guess...

There are a ton of new missionaries in my zone and I was talking to an Elder from Highland Utah and he told me I totally have an accent now. So that's a thing. 

I'm sorry that this is such a short one, I can't remember anything else what happend this week. :) 

Love you alll!!! 
xoxo Sister Holmes

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