Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two storms down in one week...

t has been another eventful week here in the Philippines Angeles mission ;) There were two storms, don't worry I survived them both. But I'm sick of the flooding and the raining and maybe I'm excited for rainy season to be over.....

We had a lovely story with a drunk person this week. They really like to speak English when they are drunk here... but there was one man and he was sleeping on this wood table outside of the house of our recent convert. We were in the middle of teaching and he woke up and started singing to himself and laughing so hard and then he told us he wanted to learn more about Jesus. So he listened for a little bit and started repeating everything I said and laughing.... Then he went on to tell us his whole life story about how he was the most handsome person on the street and all sorts of other stuff.... So that was probably the most interesting lesson ever. 

But, I'm really seeing the potential of other people and it's amazing... and I think it's helping me see the potential that I also have. It's one of the coolest things to be in a lesson and to see what that person can become if they will just change a little bit or doing something different so that Heavenly Father can have more influence in their life. 

In other news, transfers this week... we'll see what happens!! Love you all!!! :) :) 

xoxo Sister Holmes

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