Sunday, October 5, 2014

Miracles and blessings

So... this week was another week of small miracles. But small miracles are still miracles. We found a lot of new investigators and I'm just amazed at the ways that are provided for us to succeed in this work.

We got to watch the women's general conference thing this week... If you did not watch it, watch it!! It's so good! Those women are truly inspired leaders not just women for the Church, but women all around the world. The spirit of sisterhood I felt was indescribable. 

On another note, we were teaching this 10 year old kid with his family this week and we asked when he prays what the things are that he should pray for. His answer was so cute and innocent, he said something like "We should pray that we don't choke on our food when we eat." But it just helped me realize, we really can pray for ANYTHING. Even if we think it's silly, I know Heavenly Father wants to bless us, but He can't unless we go to Him first. But don't worry, that doesn't mean you will choke on your food if you don't pray for it :) 

I made a list of some of the reasons I'm grateful I served a mission... here's a few: 
1. I've learned how to sit like a lady in a skirt 
2. I'm learning how to laugh at myself! When you are learning a new language, sometimes that is all you can do. 
3. I'm not scared to talk to random strangers. This one has ups and downs..... 
4. I can eat fish now.... and I actually like it! I really never thought I would say that. 
5. I have never felt more love for those around me... I'm learning to love in a way that I didn't and couldn't before. 

There are so many more. It's amazing how much I am learning and the ways I'm growing! But I love you all! Take care!
Sister Holmes

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