Sunday, September 7, 2014

One of the most memorable week

It has been so HOT this week, but at least it hasn't been very rainy! :) I think I'm used to the weather though so it doesn't really bother me. I have so many things going on this week! It's insane. 

First of all, this last week was one of my most memorable weeks. There were two bpatism! One was a convert baptism and the other was a grandchild of a Brother in our ward who is 8. We were preparing the 8 year old for his baptism and we asked if he drank coffee and he told us he did, but only because his grandpa does too! Caught!! We just laughed and of course explained it to him. :) 

Speaking of word of wisdom, we have an investigator who is the sister of a recent convert. We were teaching her work of wisdom and we asked her if she would live it and she told us she can't give up coffee because it's her favorite. We really bore our testimonies and let the Spirit take the lead... And she committed to stop drinking coffee! I didn't know if that could happen when we first started teaching her, but we are seeing the changes in her! 

And we have another investigator in the family, it's the mom of the same recent convert. She is so golden! We taught her yesterday and she was talking about how she really wants her kids to grow up in the Church because she sees the good influence it has in their lives. In Tagalog, the Boo of Mormon is really hard to read, and even though most people will read it, they don't understand it. But this Sister said that she reads and really tries to understand and she told us that every thing that happened in the Book of Mormon is related to our lives. She says when she doesn't have anything to do, she reads her daughter's seminary manual of D&C and it is giving her a testimony of Joseph Smith. she is just so prepared. 

We also OYMed this old man with a crazy long beard... hopefully I can get a picture of him, but he looks like a karate master or something. He started talking about our Church and he told us he liked the organizationa dn that he has studied all of our books. He said he was really researching what church is ture... but that was about 5 years ago. He says he's "free" now and doesn't need any religion. I'm not really sure what that means, but hopefully he has potential. He's really a very interesting man. 

I don't have time to tell all the stories I would like! But I'm real excited because on Saturday, my companion and I are going to the temple!! A family from my first area is getting sealed and I am beyond excited! Best ever. I really miss he temple 9 months is too long without it! :) We also have zone conference and exchanges this week so it will be busy, but that's what makes the work happy:) 

I love you all!!! Have a good week! 
Sister Holmes

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