Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snow's not so bad after all

Okay. So I'm officially going to say I miss the snow. IT IS SO HOT HERE. Literally, I feel like dying sometimes. It wouldn't be bad if there was AirCon (Air conditioning), but there's definitely not any. Only at the Church. Do you think they would mind if I moved in there? Sister Hamor always jokes that my husband will be really handsome because I don't use an umbrella when I walk. Here, they use umbrellas in the sun, and so it's just like a joke in the mission or something.
Anyway, probably the reason it's so hot is because our work is on fire!! We are finding lots of new people to teach, and sometimes, even if they don't progress, we never know the seeds we are planting. There's quite a few that we have that definitely have a lot of potential, and even if it's not their time yet, I know that someday it will be. There's not any specific amazing experiences from this week, but it was just a the little moments that made this week so good. I guess that's the way life is. Yes, there are big moments that are happy, but the little things are really what makes continuing worth it.
One good thing about this week is I think I'm finally used to the cold showers... but now that I think about it, it is probably just because it's hot. But before I would literally hyperventilate the whole time. Well... they were quick showers that's for sure.
This week we found out our oven actually works. So bummer I didn't take advantage of that sooner. But we did make brownies and they tasted kind of good.... so that was good :)
Anyway, I know this is kind of short, but I'm so excited to see what's in store as transfers are coming up! :)
I love you all!!!
Sister Holmes

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