Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't Worry mom I am fine now?!!!!!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! They don't have that here... but probably I will eat some corned beef later. That's pretty much super normal here though. Let's see....
Okay so we taught this one investigator and her kids. But her kids had probably all of their friends over when we taught them. Which I was scared for because I thought they were going to be way noisy, but they listened so that was good. 

So then, Sunday comes around and we get to the church and bishop tells us, "Well, you have some people here." And we go upstairs to the sacrament hall.... and there are EIGHT children waiting for us. Let's just say it was probably the most stressful sacrament of my whole life. Because I was trying to dissolve small fights about who got to sit next to me and over the hymn books. 

I learned to lessons here. The children here are so cute! (Sometimes they're bad though), but the biggest thing I learned was about becoming like little children. If all of us good be as teachable and as humble as all these little kids are, life would be a whole lot better. They have so much trust and so much love. So as stressful as it was, I'm grateful for my experience. 
Afterwards one of them said, "Should we be baptized in this church?" and it was comforting to know that I could say with complete faith that they should. And it's not just because I am a missionary or a member, it's because I have seen it bless my life and my family's life. I know that there is absolutely nothing on earth that can bring us more happiness.

So I had another interesting experience this week... (Don't worry mom...I'm fine now). On Thursday, we went to zone conference and I was doing great. I was so excited to see other missionaries and learn from President. Afterwards, on the way home, I felt so so sick. I got home, took my temperature, and I had a pretty bad fever. I would say I was pretty much out of it. But the wonderful things about Filipinos is how absolutely caring and wonderful they are. Sister Hamor and Sister Cayman took such good care of me! I'm grateful to be in a country where the people have so wonderful hearts... and I was better in no time! 

Anyway... I love you all. I'm grateful for each of you back at home!!! :) 
Sister Holmes

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