Sunday, March 2, 2014

1st Transfer- Drum Roll please

Soooo.... Drum roll please! We had transfers this week! I have a cute, cute new companion, Sister Hamor! She's been here in the mission for six months. She's super happy all the time, really friendly, and super fun! We've been working hard the past couple of days, so we are excited to see the miracles the Lord has in store for us. She doesn't really speak English... which is fine because I usually understand what she is saying. Mostly... but it will be really good for my Tagalog I'm sure.
As for Sister Ganancial, I miss her, but I'm so excited for her! She is now a Sister Training Leader in Cabanatuan (I'm not sure how to spell that...)! I sure am blessed I had a great trainer. :)
It's been interesting being in charge of the area... I'm literally the only one on the whole planet that knows this part of the Lord's vineyard and so it's a lot of pressure sometimes. Especially if we get punted... I sometimes don't know where to go but it's helping me to learn to rely on the Spirit. And of course, Sister Hamor is just great at helping me.
Ahh. So one thing that I don't really like is that I stick out SO much here. So we were walking through Northville and there's this kid on a bike. And he's kind of swerving back and forth right? All of the sudden, he sees me, does a double take..... and crashes into the wall. I was trying not to laugh because it was hilarious. Sometimes I just wish i could fit in. Although some people have asked if I'm half Filipino. Sister Hamor said I could look Filipino because my nose isn't as pointy as most Americans...? Which I guess is true.
But the work is happy here in Mabalacat! I have learned so much and I know that we are never alone! :)
Love you all!
Sister Holmes

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