Sunday, April 6, 2014

Showering outside SO FUN

This week was so fun! We did a lot of hard work though. Missionary work is super happy! :) 

So there's definitely always fun adventures here in the Philippines.... This week we ha our CR (Comfort Room aka bathroom) painted. So we definitely couldn't shower for like two days. so we definitely took bucket showers outside (in our back laundry area) in our clothes. It was super fun an definitely an adventure. Believe it or not, bucket showers are pretty nice. I never would have thought i would say that before. 

Then, on Wednesday we went to find this address in a new area. First, we walked along the street to this area from another community. There's this overpass that we started walking under. But on the side of the road there is tons of cement powder and our shoes got stuck in it and our feet and legs are covered in dust. We are just laughing because we were stuck and everyone was just staring at us. finally we got to the area but thank goodness it was small because we didn't have the house number and the brother didn't have load on his phone ( i guess his requires explaining... here, you prepay for he minutes on your phone... there's not really any post paid, so the minutes are called load!). So basically we asked everyone 

We also had a referral from the office this week. We went and talked to them and they used to work on a cruise ship. I guess about a year ago they met a member on this cruise who really had a big impact on them. She gave them a Book of Mormon and they still have some communication. They are truth seekers though and I feel like Heavenly Father has prepared them. We had our second lesson with them last night and when we asked them how their prayers were, they said that they were able to pray together and ask if this is what plan the Lord has for them. We asked them what they felt and they smiled and said that they feel this the plan the Lord has for them. They really had an interest in the Book of Mormon and their desire is just amazing. I'm excited for how they will progress. I'm so grateful for the sister they met on the cruise that had the courage and the faith to share the gospel to them. She may never understand the seed she planted.

So i had a really good week! And I hope you did too! Mahal ko kayo!

Sister Holmes

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