Monday, March 30, 2015

Because Jesus didn't do it

Another week na naman... ang bilis talaga ng oras!! :) ( Again time flies by so fast)

This week... we had something going on almost ever day so we've stayed pretty busy. 

We taught our investigator family about temples and eternal marriage. We told them after one year after thy are baptized that they can got to the temple and be sealed. They asked if Sister Gerardo and would come when they are sealed. Sister Gerardo said she would do her vry best and I told them I wasn't sure but maybe.. Brother then said something like "How much is it anyway, I'll pay for you.." And then in english he said "You come here for our buklodation" . . So Buklod is the root word for seal in tagalog.... Sister Gerardo and I laughed and laughed, and ten when we got home, were still laughing about it. It was also a really awesome experience though because they are so excited to be sealed ! :) 

We also asked one of our really hyper investigators (He's a part member 14 yar old) when the last time he read was, and he told us "tomorrow"... After that we reviewed with him about the Word of Wisdom and we asked him why it is important and he told "Well, because Jesus never smoke, and he didn't drink. Well, actually only a little bit, but he just tried it."  I mean, I guess he has a good point . . 

The work was SO good this week... probably one of the best weeks of my missions. It's all about diligence and obedience... If we are striving to be obedience and doing our best to be diligent in following the commandments, there are miracles! 

It's Holy Week... so that means no sleep! There's this thing called Pabasa. .  They sing to statues all day and believe that their sins will be forgiven . . But mostly it just sounds like something you can't understand/ chanting of some sort. I don't know. It just makes me feel blessed that we have a correct understanding of the Atonement. 

We are just ending our three month study of "Real Growth through the Atonement of Jesus Christ." How Grateful I am for the knowledge of a Savior who loves each and everyone of us enough to atone for our sins and that He showed us the perfect example. I truly have grown as I have applied the doctrines of the Atonement in my life. As Easter is approaching, let us not only remember that Christ dies for us, but that He also lived for us :) 

I love you all! 
Sister Holmes

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