Monday, March 2, 2015

Greater capacity to understand-Line upon line

HAPPY MARCH :) I can't believe it! Like what the say, time flies when you're having fun! :) 

This week.. something awkward happened to me. I learned a lesson about listening. We ate at a restaurant and it was their re-opening or something... well I didn't quite hear them right and they told m they had free iced tea. . . and I was like "yeah, yeah that's cool" and then like five seconds later I realized what they said.... But it was too late. They delivered iced tea to our table and I didn't know what to do. haha. But don't worry I didn't break the Word of Wisdom. It just sat there, Sayang. 

We had a district zone activity. (We call it district zone because our district is big enough to be a zone.) We played Filipino games and also American games. It was way fun and stuff.

One of our investigators has her baptismal interview this week... but there are some things we still have to work out ::) I'm really excited for her though because she was really the one that asked us to teach her and she has really been trying hard to change. Even though she is really, really busy as a single mother, she makes time for the gospel in her life. :) 

Sister Gerardo and I are becoming much more consistent in our work and our productivity is getting a lot better in our area.. .although there are still improvements. We are working it all out, but I'm really happy with what is happening. We are seeing so many good things happen and I think this is some of the best work on my mission. But I know it's not just because of my own ability, but I know it's because we are studying the Atonement, especially the enabling power. I've studied it before on my mission, but I feel like I have a greater capacity to understand it now. It's just a line upon line thing.

Anyway.... LOVE you all. . Have a good week!

Sister Holmes

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