Sunday, March 8, 2015

Because of Him

This weekk..... has been SO busy. Sometimes it's hard living in Tarlac. We had extra people sleeping at our apartment almost every night this week.. We had MLC meeting and the sisters slept Monday and Tuesday and another group went to Manila, but they also stayed at our apartment... And now the departing missionaries! They are almost 20 of us in the house... so that's a little bit crazy. . 

One of investigators had their baptismal interview this week... She is super awesome and I'm excited for her. She just is so ready and was really prepared by heavenly Father. It's incredible the change people can bring about in their lives if they really want to. I have a cool video you should watch in connection to that. :)

Also... everybody here in Tarlac knows how to speak Tagalog obviously.. but their dialect here is Kapampangan (which I know very little of). Sometimes I still don't know hwa'ts going on, although it has some similarities to Tagalog. But the is no letter 'H'. . .Which means the little kids call me Sister Olmes.

Anyway I've been thinking a lot about why we have weaknesses. I've realized that weaknesses are really blessings... that through our struggles we ind ways to come closer to God. I've realized how  weaknesses are sometimes strengths but can become weaknesses again. It is all to help us to learn to constantly rely on the Savior, not just when we are failing or struggling. For me, one of my weakneeses before was that I didn't want to speak Tagalog because I was afraid I would make a mistake and people would laugh and me, but that weakness is what pushed me to be diligent in learning the language. :) 

Anyway, just a thought but I love you all and hope you have a good week!! :) 

SIster Olmes

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