Monday, April 6, 2015

No Show Super Typhoon

I have a lot to say and only a little time to say it... 

We got to attend Women's Conference this week (Yes, I know we are behind but it was so good). I loved all of the talks and it's just amazes the how our leaders know exactly what we need to hear. I'm looking forward to general Conference this next weekend... I know all of you have already heard it.. but I'm still excited. 

We had zone interviews this past week... We are starting a new topic of Real Growth... Real Growth through Faith. I really loved something that PResident Clark told us. It's something along the lines of how we sometimes have doubts or get distracted from our faith, but the advice he gave us was just to stop it. It becomes a huge stumbling block.. .and I loved what asked us. He asked us if we don't have anything to think about, what we think about. That has a huge effect on what we do, so if we think faith-filled thoughts, our actions will also be faith-filled. If we have doubts-- even the slightest doubt, we are not showing our faith. Something lie that... I left my notes at home, but I know that all of us can experience Real Growth through our Faith. 

We were supposed to have a "SUPER TYPHOON" but it decided not to show up. It has been so hot, I don't blame it.

We had a real good easter... the Primary looked for eggs outside during their classes so that was real cute. I can't believe I was in Tarlac last Easter as well. . But I'm really grateful for a knowledge of a living Savior, that because of HIm we all have the hope of being resurrected and returning to our Heavenly Father's presence. 

My companion and I were talking about the symbols of easter and why we have an easter egg... I really like what we came up with. When I chick is inside the egg, it has to work its way out from the inside, and the chick is "trapped" inside. We are similarly trapped in bands of death and sin. But because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will all have the power to overcome those things, and break out from our shells. 

Let us continue to use and recgonize Chris'ts Atonement in our lives. 

Love you all!!
Sister Holmes

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