Monday, March 16, 2015

Forgiveness is an act of faith

I have a lot to say a little bit of time to say it :)

Sister Salvacion was baptized!! Half of the Relief Society showed up and the ward is just a great support to her. I really loved what Sister Salve said when she bore her testimony. She said that she feels like she finally found something she has been looking for for a very long time and that she finally feels, for the first time in her life that she belongs somewhere. It was just a wonderful experience to be able to help her help herself to change and to repent. she has changed so much and I'm grateful Heavenly Father really is preparing the hearts of His children. We sang "Now let us rejoice" For the closing hymn. I loved it when it said, "Now let us rejoice in the day of salvation" It really was Salvacion's day :) 

We also had a family come to church yesterday. We just met the father on Saturday and he brought his whole family to church the next day! Heavenly Father is not only preparing His children as individuals, but as families! :) Their goal date is April 18.... :) Maybe I am a little selfish. 
We also taught this Less Active Tatay that is deaf. I don't know if I talked about it before, but he's way awesome. He's pretty much only less active because he's 89 and has health problems. He lives alone and we visit him once a week, or sometimes every other week. We write to be able to communicate with him and then he responds, but mostly he just teaches us :) This week I learned a lesson from him. . He told us how his child was murdered and that the one who killed him was his next door neighbor. He told us he already forgave him a long time ago because he knows it will all work out. I learned that forgiving others is really an act of faith on our part, sometimes it's hard, but we put our trust in God and in the Atonement to make things right as we do so. 

In other news, last week was my last transfer announcement so that happened. 

Anyway love you all! Have a good week!!! 

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