Monday, January 5, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEARS! Sorry I haven't been able to email yet this year...

New years in the Philippines is real fun. We had to be inside our houses by 6pm because they are so many fireworks and probably it's real dangerous! :) But we had a really good time inside our house and stuff. It's weird/cool to think I spent my whole 2014 here in the Philippines! 

That investigator I talked about last week... SUPER PROGRESSING. He came to church again yesterday, and he even wanted to work with us even though he is not a member yet. He had a lip ring and an earring and he took it out... and he completely stopped with all of his Word of Wisdom problems and it's so exciting to see him progressing. We might be able to move his baptism up before transfer day! ( not that we know what will happen) It's seriously such a cool thing to be able to be a part of somebody's conversion process. 

We also had interviews this week with President and Sister Clark! Yay. We talked about the new theme for this year of REAL GROWTH, especially about the enabling power we have to change and to become better through the Atonement! The gospel really amazes me sometimes. It's so perfect even though we are so imperfect. I hope each one of us, instead of setting 'new years resolutions' that we will never look at again, but really think about in which ways we can experience real groth this year to become more like the Savior. 

Love you all!
Sister Holmes

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