Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bring it on Jacob!

 Man, it has been a busy week. 

The departing sisters are staying out our house for a few days and we have the new arrivals coming in on Wednesday night.We also had two exchanges and it is just a lot of requirements. ;) This week is TRANSFER WEEK... I don't have any idea what will happen to me... Sister Gerardo and I might stay, I might transfer, I really have no idea. But I really do love this area so much and it will be hard to leave. 

I got to go on exchanges this past Thursday with my ex, Sister Hamor! She was my companion in Mabalacat. :) We definitely had a #throwbackthrusday. Yes, I definitely just used a hashtag. It was a good time and I learned a lot from her. :) :) Yay, for exchanges. 

I had this Tatay ask me if he came to church if we could take a picture together so he could have a remembrance. I mean, it's not the best reason to come to church, but whatever works. ;) Too bad he didn't end up coming. :( haha

We had a cool experience this week that there was a brother who approached and and asked if we could teach me. Apparently, he came to church a couple a weeks agowith his girlfriend that's a member. It was just cool, because we are not just finding people to teach, but they are also finding us. :) 

The invesitgator I mentioned a few weeks ago is really progressing. . He is kind of struggling through a few things, but he really has a strong desire to overcome them and to be baptized. I laughed because he is reading in 2 Nephi (He reads like 20 pages a day) and he had to go to a different city and he told us he would be in Jacob by the time he got back. I think it's funnier in Tagalog, but he basically said "Jacob better get ready for me!" It's like saying Bring it on, Jacob. He's funny but I'm excited for him to be baptized in February!! 

Anyways, love you all! 
Sister Holmes

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