Monday, November 24, 2014

Power in the Book of Mormon

It's been another really great week and I'm so blown away with all the wonderful things that are happening! We have a baptism this coming Saturday and he is so ready so I'm super excited about it :) He is literally a golden investigator... He listened in on the lessons for awhile when we were teaching his neighbor, and he asked if we would teach him. He immediately stopped his Word of Wisdom problems... and the changes in him are just amazing.

We have had so many miracles this week! We found this new investigator that has had some rough things happen to him in the past and he told us that he never felt comfortable in one place for too long because he feels like there's something missing in his life. The first lesson we had with him, he told us he doesn't feel like there's hope left for him. We left him an assignment in the Book of Mormon and when we went back the next day to teach him, he had read his assignment three or four times, as well as other chapters in the Book of Mormon. The changes- even though they are coming little by little- are incredible in him! There is such power in the Book of Mormon and the gospel can change people! :) 

I'm really loving this area... it was weird at first to come back to Tarlac, but I'm really grateful that I am here and for all the things that I am learning. :) It amazes me how fast the time is going, but I'm grateful for the experiences Heavenly Father is giving me! :) I love you all!! :)
Xoxo Sister Holmes 

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