Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ward 1 and exchanges

I cannot even comprehend how fast the time is going! I am really enjoying my new area and am loving the progress that is happening here. It's really exciting to see how the work is really moving forward. I really feel this urgency to do this work and I know it's really hastening. 

This week I got to go back to my old area in Ward 1!!! :) It was so cool to see everybody again and it was a really good experience for me. I got to see some of the effects that my work had there and it was super cool. My companion for the day was a Tongan sister and we talked to this old man and he told us that I just just like the toy doll of my companion. He was super funny, but I had a really good time. I love exchanges because I always learn so much from the other sisters :) 

I was also with another American this week... that was an interesting experience. :) haha We took a tricycle and they overpriced it, but there is nothing we could do about it because we were late... I tried, but they insisted that that was the real price. :) haha maybe that's the real price for two Americans. 

I am so excited! This week is the interview of one of our baptismal candidates and he is literally so golden! He has had a really rough life, but the changes he is making in his life are amazing. His faith is so strong and I am excited to see how much more blessed he will after he is baptized.

Anyway, I love you all and hope you have a great week!! 
Mahal ko kayo! 
xoxoxo Sister Holme

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