Monday, December 1, 2014

All things are possible through Christ

I can't believe it's already DECEMBER!! Time is flying... It's weird to think the I came into the field about a year ago, and as I think about that, I just can't believe how much I have grown and what I have become with Heavenly Father's help! I am so amazed and how much He has blessed me. Anyway... I had a real good week. We did this Community Service Project and helped this family clean up their yard. There is an American family that moved into Tarlac Stake and they came... It's so weird to see a whole family of just Americans... and like I forgot how little kids speak when they speak English. Like, I kind of had a hard time figuring out what they were saying, but they were adorable. They will just be here for a little less than a year, but they are a really awesome family.

This last Saturday, we had a baptism! Yay! He was really so prepared and I felt the Spirit so strongly when he bore his testimony. It'sbeen so cool to see him progress over the past few weeks in prepartion for his baptism. I do have to admit, I was so stressed because the baptism was supposed to be at 4, but he didn't come until 5. It's just Mormon Standard Time I think to be late, but it's stressful! But the service was so good and the ward here is awesome! :) 

I've been studying a lot about sacrfice lately. This is definitely the biggest sacrifice I've made, but I feel like God has replaced my sacrifice with something much better than if I wouldn't have sacrificed anything. I've noticed in my studies though that love always comes before sacrifice. Just like for me, I wouldn't have been able or even wanted to make this sacrifice if I didn't love that Lord. But sacrifice doesn't start with us, just love love doesn't start with us. Our Heavenly Father has loved us from the very beginning and His love is eternal. And because of His love for us, He sacrificed His Only Begotten Son. Christ did the same thing for us.... So as this Christmas season approaches, let us all be mindful of the sacrifice that has been made for each one of us! At let us also thinkk of what are the things we are willing to sacrifice for Christ! :) 
There's some real good videos at this link! :) 

I love all of you so much 
!! :) xoxox Sister Holmes

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