Monday, October 20, 2014

Gift of tongues

It's been another wonderful week! We has an activity earlier and we hiked to some pretty sweet falls. I stubbed my toe on a rock and it was bleeding everywhere so that was awesome, but it was a really fun activity. I miss hiking. . .

We also had a baptism this week! The service was kind of stressful because the branch president went out of town for a wedding and we didn't have anyone to preside!! Eventually someone showed up, but the baptism started a little late :) It turned out really well, we were afraid that no that many people who show up, but we even had a few investigators come to see what it was like and investigators from other branches too.. the youth were really supportive of Brother Jan! :) I'm excited to see what his progress will be. He really was a golden investigator and so ready for the gospel. 

We also had interviews with President this past week! :) I love those kinds of things because it's just a really good spiritually uplifting time. I had... I mean got the opportunity to give a talk about the Book of Mormon answering our questions so that was cool. We also talked at our baptism, and then on Sunday in Sacrament meeting. And maybe I am giving the workshop on Wednesday in our district meeting.... I think Heavenly Father wants to improve my speaking skills haha. 

Speaking of speaking skills, even though I can't get around with Tagalog now, let's talk about how grateful I am for the gift of tongues! I am amazed that in lessons, how if I really need it and even though I have only heard the word once that I can really speak the things that I need to. Sometimes during a lesson, I'm like "Wow, I'm way good at Tagalog." and then I go to the real world again and I'm not that good but I guess it's just the influence of the Spirit. 

Anyway love you all! Sorry for my ugly english! :) :) 
xoxoxo Sister Holmes

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