Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cheesey missionary song and miracles

Oh. My. Heavens. I cannot even describe how awesome this week was. First of all, not that I'm counting or anything, but I have been away from home now for a year! There's this cheesy missionary song that's super accurate that says something like "i've been away from home now going on a year, there's so much that I miss, but so much that I love here." Boom. Memorized. But it's super accurate. There's really a lot that I do miss, but I can't imagine leaving this place either. I love so many people here and there's so much that I love here. Ugh.. It's okay it's still far away. :) 

Yesterday was an awesome Sunday!! We had a lot of investigators come to church, which I will give details later. :) 
We also had this less active family come to church and I was literally so amazed when I saw them come into the chapel. They have had a lot, and I mean  A LOT of problems in their family, and they came to church on Sunday! It was amazing to see that their Spirit touched their hearts and the were able to overcome some things in order to come church. Miracles happen! 

Also, I have a cute story. We asked a girl who is like 12 how she felt when she recieved the Holy Ghost, and we were expecting an answer like "Oh I felt happy" but she told us "Oh man, their hands were so heavy on my head!" We just laughed. 

As for our investigators, we have an investigator that used to a pastor of a branch of Born Again that we have been teaching as well as his granddaughter. We are seeing the changes in him and he is starting to gain a testimony and it's really cool. But his granddaughter is GOLDEN. I'm telling you, she's amazing. She always has way good questions. So her mom passed away a few months ago, when we taught plan of salvation, we started to teach about the Spirit World. She got really quiet and I could just tell she was feeling the Spirit. And we paused for a second and then she asked something like "So does that mean I will see my mom again?" And it felt so good to be able to answer her with a surety that she would and that they could be together forever. This Spirit was so strong.

We have another investigator who has been through so horribly tough things, and I am seeing how the gospel is and will answer all of her questions. That's the way it is for all of us. I know that whatever our questions or concerns are, that Jesus Christ and His gospel is that answer.
  I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father is preparing people who are ready to come and see that for themselves. 

I love you all!!
Sister Holmes

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