Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dreams of reflection

Sooo... General Conference was soooo good!. Man, it is exactly what I needed. Those men are so inspried and I have absolutely no doubt they are called of God. It was also really good for our investigators and for our recent converts to see General Conference. If you did not watch it, Watch it right now! :) I remember there was a promise that if we prepare ourselves for conference and come ready with questions and concrens that Heavenly Father will answer us through the speakers. I really felt that as I came prepared, that there were specific things said that directly answered my questions. I have no doubt that the words of Conference are from a very loving Father in Heaven. 

Also....I had an interesting dream this week. I dreamed that I was home from my mission and that I went to visit my stake president to be released. (I promise I am NOT Trunky- Trunkiness never was happiness) I remember him asking me in my dream what my testimony was of the Book of Mormon and of what experiences on my mission helped me to come to know my Savior better. I honestly have no idea what kinds of things happen in a release, but I can imagine that it really is a time of reflection. When I woke up I just sat and pondered. At first I wondered why I had had that dream because I don't feel excited to go home (Sorry mom and dad, no hard feelings haha), I still have so much work to do here. But I think it was something I really needed to experience. I reflected on the things that I am doing while I am here. I thought about if what I am doing is enough, if I am really doing all I can for those that we are teaching, and especially I thought about when I get to that point, if I will proud of all I have accomplished here in the field. It was such a spiritual experience for me to reflect on my efforts here. During conference, I already forgot what talk, but somebody said something like how we need to begin with the end in mind. We need to live in this moment, but look forward to the future with an eye of faith and to always keep in sight what is most important. 

Maybe the records in the Philippines are what we call MAGULO. or a complete mess sometimes. Mostly the older records. Because maybe our investigator that is super GOLDEN was already baptized! What on earth. I was looking through the ward directory and saw her name and was like what the heck! And when we asked her about it she said, 'Oh yeah, I forgot if that was this church or a different church.' But I don't blame her for anything. But no wonder she was so golden ;) haha. Things like that are bound to happen. 
But that's pretty much all from me. Love you guys!!! have a good week!:)

Xoxo Sister Holmes  

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