Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sprouts of planting.

 I cannot believe the changes I have seen in this area. I am starting to see the sprouts of my planting. :) Yay. It's nice to be a planter because I know I"m working hard (Promise that's not pride... I'm just doing the best that I can:P), but it's nice to see that my work is having an effect. 

We have one family that went Less Active about a year because of the choices of the father of the family, and it was really hard on the whole family. We have been really focusing on them because they used to be a really strong family and I just want to help them. We started teaching the oldest brother who is not a member as well as his wife. They came to church on Sunday, and the ward got so excited to see at least part of their family come back. The bishop told us he wanted either him or his counselors to work with us when we visit them so that their family can return, and that the investigators can progress. There are miracles happening in this area and I feel excited to be part of it. In our lesson with them though, I felt the Spirit so strongly and I can tell Heavenly Father really has a plan for them...something big in store. Their kids are kind of loud, but when we were teaching about Joseph Smith and about the words of the First Vision, they went so quiet and the Spirit was just peaceful. Man. Amazing. 

Also, I ate two dinners last night. Real big dinners. Only in the Philippines, but the members take good care of us here. :) I love all the friendships I have made here and for  the kindness of the members. I ate something called fish balls this week (street food- but only once! Never again promise.) Its like.... I don't know. But they taste real fishy. I don't think I liked it, but I'm not sure what I like to eat anymore. The secret is just eat it and think about whether I like it later. Probably I'm not a picky water anymore... but I don't real know.Also, I don't remember what American food is. I don't know what I ate before I ate rice. 

So, anyway... Sister Davis had her birthday on Tuesday, we decorated and surprised her with a cake while her a Sister Ganancial went to the palengke(market). She was so cute.. "Where did all of this come from?" AND THEN. We ate MAC and CHEESE. (Thanks for the package.) AS IN mac and cheese is my favorite food still. :) 

Anyway, I love you guys, keep on keepin' on. Fight the good fight and go lang ng go! 
xoxoxox, Sister Holmes!!

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