Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why we lift our feet....

Ah man... There is always something crazy. This week we were in one of our lessons, and their house is way small, but they have this kitten that's super mischievous. So in the middle of our lesson the cat is going bonkers and I'm like what the heck is the problem with this thing. I then noticed that it was chasing a cockroach around. It was actually super cute because it would pick it up in it's mouth and then like drop it because it freaked out.  But we had to keep lifting our legs up so the cat couldn't put the cockroach on our feet. Probably the most interesting fight I've seen on my mission. 

Also good luck for sure to my English. I can type okay ( and you have no idea how long these emails take me... and besides that how grateful I am for spell check). But in Tagalog, he and she is the same word, so that's a really common mistake in their English. And I've been doing it lately too on accident and I don't know why :( :( 

As for investigators, we are finding more. But the rule here is that they have to come to church four times in a row before they can be baptized and that's usually the biggest reason. So we have a lot of progressing investigators.. .but they don't come to church every week. 

This week has been so successful and so rewarding for me. When I first got to this area, I didn't know where to start... with the ward, with the members, with our investigators, even with our schedule. But I can see how much it has improved since I've been here. It makes me proud of the hard work of done, but more importantly, I'm grateful for the help of the Spirit in those changes. 

I can not express how grateful I am for this work and for all that Heavenly Father is trusting me with. I've seen so many changes in myself because of it. I absolutely do not regret my decision to come here. I was thinking about some of the hard things I've been through in my life, and this by far is the hardest. And then I asked myself... "Why would I choose to do something this hard? Why would anybody choose that?"  But I thought about two things. The first is it's about our priorities and our love towards Heavenly Father. But the thought also came to me is that it's so much better to choose to go through hard things, than to have hard things happen to you. It's all about putting our trust in Heavenly Father and then just doing it! 

ANyway love you alll!!! 

Sister Holmes

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