Monday, August 4, 2014

Just another day in paradise

I am loving it here despite the constant rain! As in, every day! :) It's pretty humid and my hair is going crazy, but in spite of everything, I'm still loving it.

One of my favorite things I realized is that people here have really funny excuses for not doing things. For example, these are all the things I have heard for people not to pray at the end of the lesson: 
-I have a cough (even though they were okay the whole lesson) This one including an unconvincing cough. 
-I'm not good at talking. (What?) 
-I haven't prayed for a long time, so I don't know how anymore. 
-My kids need to learn more than I do. 
While some of these are actually quite convincing (in part), I don't buy it. :) haha

I had a funny experience this week. I don't know if I call it funny yet, but it was interesting. So this one time when it's rainy season, you don't sweat as much. So I really had to use the CR (Comfort Room- or as we call it the bathroom!) because I'm not sweating my water out anymore. So we figured that this one member's CR would be real clean. Wrong. Here you just flush using water and to my great surprise and for your amusement, there was no tissue. Since I have been here awhile in the PHilippines I always have tissue in my bag. Of course, the day I need it I forgot it. So I just sat.. or squatted really (Because there was no toilet seat and i was NOT touching that) trying to figure out what to do. I know this is gross, but what happens in the Philippines stays in the Philippines, right? So I just manned up and did it Filipino style. I'm not going to go into detail what that is, but now you know. I have never used so much hand sanitizer in my life. On tp of it all, there was no light inside, but maybe that was for the best. 

Other than that, I want you to know that miracles are happening everyday, and they do for each of us as long as we take the time to look for them. Usually, the miracles we see in our lives are just a bunch of small blessings put together. :) 
I love you all! Ingat kayo! :) 

xoxoxo Sister Holmes

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