Sunday, April 20, 2014

"brothers, you need to come here... learn about Jesus"

So I really like it here in my new area. My companion is so fun! She's kind of a joker. So sometimes at night, when we get home before the other sisters and we hear them coming, we turn off all the lights and scare them. Last time we did, we turned off the lights and went upstairs. OUr apartment is kind of ancient and the upstairs has this old creaky wood floor. and so we waited for them to finish praying and started walking around real slowly and they freaked out. :) Then they called us and our phone rang, and the whole thing was ruined. But it was super funny.

We went to one of our areas, ( I need to take pictures, its like kind of farmland) and we found a Less Active there. His brother is special needs though, and is so sweet. He is just in his own little world. But I was reminded of how sweet those kinds of spirits are. He does not comprehend much, but he repeats everything that you say if he recognizes the word. So, that can be pretty challenging for me when he repeats what I say in Tagalog... :) haha. But sometimes he does add his own words. So during our lesson, he wandered to near the edge of the yard and there were two mean that walked by and he started talking to them and he said "brothers, you need to come here... learn about Jesus" So it was broken, but it was just so sweet. If only we could all be as loving and gentle as this boy is. 

Also, I had the lovely opportunity of speaking in sacrament meeting yesterday. I was freaking out. I get nervous if it's in English, let alone Tagalog. But surprisingly  I was able to do it. Literally a miracle and I wasn't even that nervous. Just another way I'm being qualified to do this work. There's no way I could have done that on my own. 

Speaking of Tagalog... Yesterday, I was feeling pretty down about my language skills and I dont think my companion knew, but she told me that she was impressed in one of our lessons earlier how fast I was speaking and how good it was.. So I guess I am getting to the point where I can teach pretty okayish.I still have a lot to learn!!! But it's getting better. Conversational is so hard. I really do understand everything, but if someone asks me a question, sometimes I can answer and soemtimes i completely blank. 

But life is good, I hope you are all doing well! Love you!! 
Sister Holmes

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