Monday, April 14, 2014

First transfer

 Drum roll please. 
My new area is in Tarlac Ward 1! And my new companion is Sister Pascua. I'm killing her this transfer. Which means this is her last transfer in the mission, which also means I will be learning a lot from her. She's a really good teacher, super happy, and likes to tease me :( I'm the youngest one in the house and so they all call me bunso (which is the word for youngest child) But it's gonna be a good transfer. 
My new area is really city though. It's small and I'm pretty confused for now, but I'm sure it will be just fine! :) Of course, I miss Mabalacat, but  I am excited for this new area! 

So, good news! My Tagalog is okayish. I can understand things! I had a lesson the other day that went way smoothly and I was super impressed. So that was real cool. And one time I had a conversation with someone that wasn't awkward. Success!! 

Anyway, before I left Mabalacat, we taught that family from last week again. It just feels like I know them already and I really really hope they progress! But it's just amazing the opportunity I have been given to meet so many people who have influenced my life for good. :) 

Sorry so short, but I love you all go lang ng go! :) 
Sister Holmes

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