Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tagalog progress.....

So maybe this week was really good. On Tuesday, we had ten lessons in one day! And maybe I have never been more tired in my life than I was that day. That's soo many lessons. Our normal is maybe six or seven. But it was basically a miracle that all of the people we taught were available. In the Philippines, we don't really set up appointments with people, but we just kind of stop by and hope that they are home, if not, we will have to find someone else to teach. It's good, but sometimes stressful if you have a lot at the same time that aren't available.
I had some really good experiences this week though. I can see that my Tagalog is progressing finally!! We went to a store to look around (hopefully also to OYM) and I bought something and I asked the woman how much it was, and she was literally so shocked that I could speak Tagalog (even if it was so so simple). Most foreigners here (Angeles is famous for foreigners.. it's the Las Vegas of the Philippines) don't bother to learn Tagalog because you could maybe get along... alrightish in English. But it means a lot to them and they are so patient with me, I'm so grateful for the Filipino people- so kind and so hospitable.
There was also a woman who said something to the effect of "wow, an American, I want to get to know her" as we passed and then we turned and OYMed her. There was a group of kids listening to us there and one of the members there asked the children to ask me questions in tagalog. so she asked me what my name was and I told her and asked her what her name was, and they were all so amazed. So cute. And thenn they were trying to get me to speak in English to them, but I told them that I only spoke Tagalog and they were just laughing. So cuteeee :) :)
There were some other kids also that asked me if I was American and I told them that I was Filipino, but I dont think they believed me ;) But they asked me if I was white American... and then when I said no they asked me if I was orange american??? What even is an orange American?
Anyway, the investigators that we have that's super ready to be baptized is moving to Angeles mismo. :( So we won't be able to teach her anymore and I'm pretty sad about it, but Heavenly Father has an individual plan for her, and I need to trust that, and I do. But we have other investigators who are progressing well. I'm especially excited about a mother and daughter that we are teaching, we are REALLY seeing changes in them. It's amazing the change that the gospel can bring in our lives, if we will let it. I've been pondering that a lot lately. The experiences (positive or negative) that we have are opportunities given to us by a very loving Father in Heaven allow us to change, to become more like our Savior. Which should be our goal right?
More than anything, I've learned that He is MY Savior, that He lives, and that He knows what we are going through. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I know that each of CAN become more like Him, and as we do so, we will find increasing peace and happiness in our lives. And even when we make mistakes, those things can be corrected because of Him.
Mahal ko kayo! :) And ingat kayo!!! :)
Love, Sister Mga Tahanan (haha aka homes)

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