Sunday, February 9, 2014

Summer time is coming

So basically it got really hot this week. Like REALLY hot and I'm a little bit not okay with it. Summer is starting here in the Philippines. I thought I wouldn't miss the snow at all... but it doesn't seem like a bad idea to me right now. My biggest problem is (sorry this is gross) I didn't know I could sweat this much. Seriously it's disgusting. Like, I don't smell bad or anything... at least Sister Ganancial says I don't and I trust her because Filipinos are very honest. For example, one of our recent converts told me I'm getting fatter. (sad face.) Anyway, it wouldn't be bad if we had AirCon, but we don't... All I care about is that I can sleep at night. :) Apparently, this is just the start of summer. When real summer happens, maybe you won't hear from me because I will be melted. :)

Yesterday we had a missionary fireside for the members in our ward to help teach them the importance of the members in our work. We had a guest speaker, and he talked about how the Savior asked Peter if he loved Him, and then told him to feed His sheep. And he raised the question that if Peter failed to do this duty... what would the other Apostles do? They would fail as well. So it's up to the leaders to be the example of missionary work. And I started thinking about what it means to feed sheep. Feeding sheep is not just bringing the gospel to those who have heard it... although that is a very important part of it. Feeding sheep is helping nourish others with the word of God, it's fellowshipping, it's rescuing the one, it's strengthening families. So many things and so many ways for us to help our Savior in His work. But the fireside was super successful. :) Yay for Mabalacat ward! 

This week Sister Rose and I decided to have an American meal!! So we made chicken alfredo and it was probably the best thing I've had ever. Not really... I think I might actually like Filipino food better. :) Plus I eat fresh mangoes for breakfast a few times a week so life really can't get much better. 

As for my Tagalog, ayos lang siya. :) Pangit ang accent ko. Haha. Sometimes I have this problem where I will be thinking, but I feel this need to translate all of my thoughts into really horrible incorrect Tagalog. The grammar is coming along.... But Sister Ganancial said something like "You have to love Tagalog, you have to court her. And if she will sa yes, then you can have her." Super funny, but she really has a point. I need to learn to really love Tagalog. Sometimes I feel like I have a love-hate relationship, where I want to learn it, but I just get frustrated. So ang goal ni Sister Holmes, learn to love, really love Tagalog. 

Anyway, mahal ko kayooo!!! :) Ingat po kayo haa?

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