Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mabalacat prospers

Oh sige. :) I'm so exciteddddd!! We had a lot of good things happen this week. I think one story tops off all my stories so far though.
Let me set this up a little bit though: 
So the truth is... our area is a little bit broken :) When I got here, the work was DEAD. Only two investigators and only two areas that the missionaries were visiting. Now we are visiting five plus areas and have quite a few investigators. So, we were used to our numbers being a bit low (keep in mind, they aren't just numbers to me...these are people!). We have had a really hard time helping our investigators come to church. 
Pero, yesterday.... oh man. Not only did we have one of our recent converts bless the sacrament.... not only did we have the less active I told you about last week sustained as first counselor in the bishopric... but we had FIVE investigators at church. FIVE. the average for us before is just one or two! Oh my. It was literally one of the happiest Sundays of my life. And it was amazing to see everyone sustain the no longer less active brother in the bishopric. And everything was just so amazing!
We found some new investigators that are really promising and I hope to see some baptisms by the end of March! And by hope I mean, I have faith that I will see some baptisms by the end of March. And if not, it's all in the Lord's plan. 
As far as other things are concerned, this week we were teaching one of our other less actives. She has this way cute daughter who is like 2 or 3 maybe. So we are in the middle of praying... and all of the sudden, I feel something wet on my nose, and cute little Ching Wah (nickname haha) is saying... obviously in Tagalog, but this smells good and is literally putting her hand on my nose. Her whole hand. But apparently, she had found Sister Ganancial's hand sanitizer during the prayer. I was trying so hard not to laugh. 
Anyway, I'm so excited to see all the things the Lord has in store for Mabalacat!! :) 
Remember I love you all and I always pray for you back at home! 
Mahal na mahal po kayo! At mahal na mahal po kayo ng ating Ama sa Langit. :) 

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