Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just another day in paradise

Apparently, as of this past week or so it's been "cold" here in the Philippines. Surprisingly, I do find myself cold at night but that just about it. :) It's really nice weather though. Cute Sister Ganancial is literally freezing on our trike rides home though. Last night, she told me she was the coldest she had ever been! I can't even imagine that. I feel like if it snowed here people would have no idea what to do. 

Let's see... this week we had exchanges again! Wow. I led the area this time and it went really well. I was actually with another American and let's just say we got some bizarre looks. We were OYMing (aka talking to a random person) and he was literally shocked and was like "wait, where did you learn Tagalog? Who taught you that?" It was really funny, but I think it was good because he was a little more open to our message. SO funny though. Oh man, and all the kids... that's a whole other thing. 

Our work was so good this week. I have literally never been so tired in my life. We ended up teaching over 40 lessons this week... and let's just say I do not have a hard time falling asleep at night. Although, all of my dreams are now strangely Church related. Like... the other night I had a dream I needed help moving a piano so I prayed and I knew it was going to be okay. And then there were some pioneers to help me move it. Weird. Seriously. 

Anyway. We have an investigator who is golden. She's so ready to be a member. But of course there's always something. We are hoping the first week of March she will be baptized :) Yayy. 
There are so many miracles in our work. Heavenly Father helps us meet our goals by something as simple as seeing a member on a way to a lesson who isn't who can come with us so we can have one more lesson with a member there. Just so many things like that. Amazing!

Literally. I just realized I basically live in paradise. And not just actually weather wise. I have the happiest job in the whole entire world. :)

I love you all! And I'm praying for you!!!!
Sister Holmes

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