Monday, December 8, 2014

"It won't bite you"

It has felt like Christmas for the past few months... since the Filipinos started decorating in September, but it's really Christmas time!! It's so weird since there's not really any snow. But it has been real cold lately at night. I think it's a December thing.
As for this typhoon business, we didn't see any effect here at all. It was windy, but we didn't even get any rain. I honestly don't know that much about it. :) 

So we had this little girl come up to us and she was just staring at me. She asked my companion why I was so white and why I had different colored eyes. And do you know what my companion told her?? She told her I was an alien and that if she wasn't careful I would bite her... then she ran away. 
The next day we saw her with a group of little kids and she told them "that's an alien and it might bite you if you go too close." Then one of the other little kids tried to touch my hair and was like " No, she's pretty and nice. It won't bite you." 
So probably I laughed forever, but I learn so much from little kids. they are so innocent and so trusting. 

I got to go to this cool meeting this week. We talked about the theme for the mission next year and I' real excited about it... :) Our theme is REAL GROWTH. We talked about how we want to experience real growth in the Church here in Philippines Angeles Mission. We also want to experience real growth within ourselves, which means being more converted. We set goals for how we will do all of that, but it really hit me that (hopefully) I have changed a lot while I've been here. It would literally be a waste of my time if I left and came back the same way I was before. But we talked about how this is more than just new year resolutions but it's more about allowing Christ to change us and to make us better. :) 

Anyway, I had a wonderful week and Im so excited what else Heavenl Father has is store for this area. We found a new investigator this week and I have a really good feeling about what the Lord has in store. He is the brother of one of recent converts( notice how all of our investigators are brothers?? There's a priesthood army in this area) and told us that he has been looking for more in his life and feels this might be it. :) 

anyway I love you all!! :) As this Christmas season continues remember the real reason for Christmas! :) Love you all!!!

Sister Holmes

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