Monday, August 18, 2014

Spider fights and frogs

So, Transfer week again! I am now here in my third area in CAMILING 2nd BRANCH. And my cute new companion is Sister Salde, from Bacolod. Sh'es newish in the mission, she just finished her training, so I'm her second companion. We have a good companionship already because it's just the two of us our apartment! We each have our own CR (Bathroom) so that's real awesome. It's a cute little thing, but it's a bit old and the floor is just cement, but I like it. We have lots of dinner appointments here! I am now a pro at eating with my hands (I always seem to talk about food in my emails... sorry). Speaking of food, guess what I ate this week??? Frog. Yup. I ate frog. And for reals, it just tastes like chicken. 

It's interesting being in a branch instead of a ward though. It's pretty small, and the whole sacramnt meting is Tagalog. In wards, they use a lot of English. Good thing I can understand and it's not my first area anymore. I meanI wouldn't say I'm compltely fluent in Tagalog, as I there are still lots of words I don't know and sometimes I have a hard time explaining myself, but I feel confident in my Tagalog. It amazes me how fast I picked it up. At the time, it felt SO SLOW, but now the time is just flying by and I can't handle it. :) 

Anyway, there this thing here where they do spider fights. As in the make their little pet spiders fight each other and it absolutely terrifies me... and when they found out I was afraid of spiders it made it even worse. So I'll let you know if I'm still alive next week. But as for now, I love you all and I can't wait to tell you more about the new area!!! Mahal ko kayong lahat! 

Sister Holmes!!! xoxoxo 

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