Sunday, June 29, 2014

What is worse than Mormon Standard time? ...Filipino Mormon standard time

Oh boy. Can we talk about this week.???? Oh my heavens. Stressful, but amazing!

Let's see. We now have a new mission president. We also had transfers recently, but I just stayed with my anak of course. Next time, I will be transferring to a new area! Wow! Hopefully to Moncada ;) 

It has been raining like crazy. There was one time this week where it flooded a lot and I had a panic attack a little bit. I don't think I could survive in a huge storm. Makes me wish I took swimming lessons. In the... neighborhood (it's not a neighborhood though, that's just the closest thing) where we leave, the place where you come in was flooded. As in, it was dangerous to cross it because of the water and the bacteria. So we decided because we needed to work, we would just call a trike and have it take us over. So we got a trike we got in. So Trikes are like these sidecars to motorcycles and they are kind of low to the ground so I though we would be okay. Or so I thought because water started coming the the trike! Our feet got pretty wet, and then before I knew it, my bum was SOAKED. Worst ever. But we just laughed because that's really all you can do in that situation. 

This has been by far one of the hardest weeks of my mission, but I have learned so much and things are really getting better and better everyday. :) The ward here is wonderful, I absolutely adore the members and every one we teach and I'm just grateful for the opportunity Heavenly Father has given me to be here. 

We had a baptism this week!!! :) (Is it bad if I say... FINALLY!!!) But of course, the baptism was supposed to be a four. So we all know there's so thing called Mormon Standard Time, but that is absolutely nothing compared to Filipino Mormon Standard Time. Sister Jamaicah, the one being baptized, did not sow up until 4:15 and one one the speakers didn't come until after the baptism was over. Stressful for sure, but it's really awesome seeing that reward. 

Also I learned something about fasting this week. One of our ward missionaries said something like "Our fasting offerings go to those who are in puberty." I think he actually meant poverty, but puberty is hard too. 

Anyway, love you all! Keep on keepin' on! :) 

Sister Holmes :) 

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