Sunday, January 12, 2014

Busy Week

Sooo. This week we had five bajillion things going on. My companion and I had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, and we also had a Trainer and Trainee's meeting. So much good stuff, but let's just say I'm glad it's P day.

First of all, on Monday, we went grocery shopping at the HyperMarket and they always play this really loud music. And guess what song came on? That "I love you" song... i think it's Donna Lewis or something. And I almost started crying in the middle of the store because I remember sitting in the car when I was little with Lindsey and my dad and singing that song. Anyway, tender memories. 

Let's see. Oh YES> Exchanges. So I went up to Tarlac and went on exchanges!!! One thing that was really cool was that we did Baptismal Interviews with the investigators and it was just amazing to see how the Lord had prepared these people and I could tell how much they had change since they had begun their process. Amazing. Part of it was that we fill out a Baptismal Record Sheet thing and we put all of the names of the children and their birthdays. One of the families, the little girl's name was Girl. Literally. Super interesting. But it was a good experience and I really learned a lot from the Sister Training Leader. She was super good. 

Ahh. This week we explored a new area, and found some more potential investigators! We were asking for directions and met this lady who runs a barbecue thing... I don't really know how to explain it, but she is really nice and we are going to follow-up with her this week. But from her place, I tried this thing called a bananacue, which is like caramelized and barbecued banana. SOO good. Literally probably my new favorite treat. 

I'm so excited with our work! It's getting better. We have two investigators with A LOT of potential. With both of them, we went to visit them (they live in different areas) and they weren't home so we started going to another appointment, and on the way, we ran into them! So the Lord provides a way for us to accomplish the things that we need to :) 

Anyway, I keep having this thought of, "Tagalog is hard. If it were English, I could do it so much easier." And then I'm like oh duh. I could do it in English. And Heavenly Father knew that. That's why I'm learning Tagalog. Not to say that a mission in English is easy, because I'm sure it's not. There are different challenges for all, but this was the lesson that I needed to learn. 

I'm grateful for a mindful and loving Heavenly Father and a perfect Plan. I know He knows us and truly knows what experiences will help us grow the most, even if it's hard for us. 

Mahal na mahal ko kayo :) 
Sister Holmes

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