Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ang Mga Adventures Ko sa Philippines

Living in the Philippines, there's always something interesting going on. Always new surprises, new adventures. And I absolutely LOVE it. We were teaching an older lady last week and I'm pretty sure something was living in her ceiling while we taught. I was just a little distracted. Karaoke is also a big huge thing here. I still don't quite understand it. But literally ANYONE will sing karaoke. Even if they can't sing... :) Our neighbors just got a new karaoke CD or had a birthday or something because for the past three days they just sing all morning and into the afternoon. Super distracting while I'm trying to study. Inconsiderate ;) 
Also this week, we ran into another American and so we started to talk to him and have an appointment to teach him this week. We will see though. I'm just nervous because we will teach in English... which is a skill I'm not sure I have anymore. Don't mistake that meaning that I can teach in Tagalog though. Because I'm just kind of in this limbo (is that even the right word??) state between English and Tagalog. If I think anything in English, I try and translate it in Tagalog... probably incorrect Tagalog. But it's just a struggle. I still have a hard time speaking, but I understand a good chunk of what's going on. Usually. I think by the end for language study I will still have to study Tagalog, but I will also have to study English. 
Anyway enough of my language adventures. 
One thing that I really learned this week is how important this work is because Satan is trying his very best to frustrate it in every way. Meaning, we had a more challenging week, but it just means it can only get better from here!  I'm really looking forward to a new week where we can work together as a companionship to make things better and to further the Lord's work. It's comforting to know that if our work is frustrated for a little bit, that in the end, the Lord will always triumph and His work cannot be frustrated in the long run. But it really reiterated to me the importance of this work. 

And sympre, MAHAL na MAHAL ko KAYO (aka I REALLY love you all!)
SIster Holmes

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