Monday, December 16, 2013

Adobo, pancit, mango, them all

This week has been so good!! I'm so so happy about all the things that are going on in our area! The thing is though... is sometimes I kind of feel like a celebrity here. Every body is always staring, especially in our furthest area because there aren't many forgieners there. But all the little kids know how to say "what's your name" in English so I hear that quite a bit. There was one cute girl who literally just came up in front of my and was just staring up at me and smiling. Her mom came out of the house and asked if we were Mormons. We found out that she was a less active and she stopped going to church shortly after the missionaries who baptized her left the area. All she could remember was her favorite hymn was Count Your Blessings. So we just whipped out our hymnbooks and sang her the first verse. Right in the middle of the street. And we all know how confident I am in my singing abilities. But there's something about being a missionary that makes things that you wouldn't normally do easier. 
We are having a really difficult time finding new investigators to teach. We have four ares now! (Technically, we have more, but we are currently visiting four. We just visit the safe ones.) There are Fiesta, Xevera (said like Savera), Northville, and Casmor. I don't really know how big they are because we haven't really visited all the parts of it, but it takes a good twenty minutes to walk to some of the further houses in Northville and Xevera. I'll try and get some pictures so you can see what they are like.
 We really technically only have about four investigators right now. We found someone who we might be able to teach this week, Nanay Rita. She's maybe n her 60s and even complicated my very bad Tagalog. (not necessarily bad, but just konti lang.) We are also teaching Sister Christina, and her two kids,  Albert and Christie. But the Brother doesn't want them to join. :( 
And we have Nanay Edith, who will be visiting family until the second week of January.  So we won't be able to teach her. And potentially we have Sister Rose, she's 20 as well! And she's living with a member. So that's really exciting. And of course we regularly teach all of our wonderful recent converts!! 
 When we OYM, my new job is to introduce us and the name of the Church and we were talking to a lady, and her jaw dropped a little when I started speaking Tagalog. But then she was just smiling. :) Yay. 
Anyway, I can really understand a lot of Tagalog, but the speaking part.... not so much. Patience though. That's the number one thing that I am learning right now. 
But I'm really loving the Philippines. I'm so so grateful that I am here. And a lot of times I think it would just be so much easier to be English speaking, but I know this is what I need to be doing and it brings me so much comfort and strength. Also, in case you are wondering what my favorite Filipino food is.. I don't know because there are too many! but I really have found some favorites... Adobo, pancit, mango, and mamon! Yum. 
Well I love you all! The Church is true!! :) 
xoxo Sister Holmes!!

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