Thursday, November 14, 2013

Miracles in the storm

It's amazing how many good things can from such a bad thing. As you probably know, all of the missionaries from the Tacloban mission are here at the Manila MTC. We never really see them because they stay in the temple patron housing next door, but they eat meals here. they will all be reassigned to missions around Manila, possibly Angeles. On tuesday night, when the first wave of them were arriving, we were asked if we could donate some of our clothes because all of them had only the clothes that we were wearing. Don't be mad mom, but I ended up donating a couple skirts a dress and a few shirts. Sometimes we see them wearing the clothes we donated and it's cool. But we went to take our clothes down to where they were collecting them and there was SO MUCH stuff. I was amazed and as we were coming up the stairs there was a line of elders carrying the donations and singing called to serve. Just thinking about it now touches my heart. This gospel is so incredible. The support we can find in it is so incredible. We were able to hear some of the stories. One elder we were talking to said that he was trying to cut a whole in the roof of his house because the water was rising too fast and the machete slipped and it cut him all the way across his fingers, and two of his middle fingers wont move anymore. there was some elders who had to hold a kitchen table up for three hours to keep their roof from collapsing on them. There are so many stories of all the horrible things they saw and experienced, and I expected them to be so tired and exhausted and drained emotionally, and physically. But you know what? they were still smiling. What amazing examples. It was a wake up call for me. I'm progressing how I should be with Tagalog,but I can't help but feel like I'm not doing enough and not learning fast enough, and it has been somewhat of a challenge for me. But seeing these missionaries still smiling after what they had gone through made me realize that I should be thankful for the trials that I do have. Anyway, on to the next matter of business. As language training missionaries, we do a proselyting activity twice before we leave. Can we talk about how nervous I am because our first one is on Wednesday and I don't even know Tagalog. Excuse me while I go throw up. I'm so so nervous. But I've heard good things about it, and besides I will have a kasama who has been out in the field for awhile. I cant wait to tell you all about it though! Our investigators are progressing well. I don't remember how much I have told you about them, but there is Sister Janeth and Brother Rodney. Brother Rodney has a word of wisdom problem, but wants to be baptized so he can be a better father to his children. Sister Janeth also likes our church and feels like it's true, but her mom is very against the church and she wants to maintain a relationship with her mom. Both hard situations. But Sister Nielson and I are getting very good at teaching more by the Spirit than by relying on our wonderful little tagalog cheat books.. :) Anyway, I love the MTC and I'm doing well. I miss you all SO MUCH and mahal ko kayo!
PS Letters take 3 weeks to get there.  If you are writing Callie send the letters for now to the mission home. Callie although positive, needs a bit of uplift and letters would be appreciated.  She mentioned how thankful she is for the love and support from so many. 

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