Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm not the Baby at the MTC anymore! :)

Dear darling everyone,

It's official. My district is not the baby batch anymore! A new batch came in today. I haven't really got the chance to meet them. We've been very busy today with all of our P-day things. It's amazing, you wouldn't think that P-day would be so scheduled, but it totally is, down to the hour. But at least I get everything that I need to done.

Let's see, well we eat fish about every other day. I'm not gonna lie, I'm struggling a little bit with it. There was some fried squid that I wasn't brave enough to try yet. But they feed us really well. We usually have rice, some tye of vegetable dish, and then some kind of meat. Then usually a fuit or dessert and soup/salad! Lots of options. I really like most of it.So this typhoon business. I guess it is hitting the south the worst, but here at the MTC it has just been really rainy all day. I'm thinking it will probably rain some more, but basically for us it means that it's extra humid. Please keep the people and missionaries in the Philippines in your prayers. They are the sweetest people in the whole entire world. All the Filipino missionaries here are always so kind. No fail they say hi and ask you how you are when you pass them.

we've been teaching a couple different investigators while we've been here. AKA our teachers. We also had a less active to teach, which was super difficult. My Tagalog is coming along, but I need all the help I can get. We are learning so much, I just wish I could remember it all. One of the coolest thing that happened to me this week was when we were teaching our investigator, I felt prompted to share an experience with him. I couldn't really say it in Tagalog, but I did my best and the Spirit was so strong. I think he could feel it as well, and he was able to open up to us, which really helps us to better understand their needs so that we can teach them a meaningful lesson.

My district is so funny. We are just like a little Helaman family. We tease each other a lot and have lots of fun. Elder Paea and Elder Loto'aniu are so funny. Elder Loto'aniu will always high five or grab Elder Paea's shoulders and Elder Paea will always some up with something like " I swear on my journals name (on this computer, on my dog's name, etc) if you ever touch me again, i will give you a big........ NGITI (smile)." It kills me every single time. So funny.

But basically, most of our day we are in the classroom, and every night we teach an investigator. It's a lot of work, but I have never grown more in my entire life.Know that I'm missing and thinking of you!

Mahal ko kayo!!! :)

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