Friday, November 22, 2013

Maraming Adventures

Dear Anyone and Everyone :)
 Oh man This week has been absolutely incredible. The time is just flying by faster than what I know what to do with. (PS my grammar is just going to be bad. So instead of at least knowing one language well, I'm bad at two). On Friday, I ran into Elder Josh Johnson, who was in my Youth Making a Difference group. It was a miracle I ran into him. We were both in the distribution center here and he was being re-assigned the next morning. But he was talking about the language and it just helped me feel a lot better. It was really nice to see a familiar face. Another elder in our district asked me how I was doing with the language, and I said, well I'm doing okay. And he said don't worry. The language will find you, the language will hunt you down, and the language will say "I'm HERE!" Which was funny, pero it also helped me realize that I shouldn't expect myself to be amazing at Tagalog yet, but that it will come over time. And the little I do know, I know a lot. :) Another little blessing was that we taught former investigator last Saturday. They are volunteers that come in to be taught by missionaries. We were teaching the Restoration and guess what?! I said it all in Tagalog even! :) what. I didn't even know I could do that. And now, for the most exciting part... proselyting. We went to a zone in the Manila mission, and basically went on splits. My temporary kasama was Sister T'oa from Tonga. She had only been in the field for three months, and her tagalog was really good. Sister Marila, my teacher, came with us though just in case .Basically I just bore my testimony.  We first taught a nine year old, CJ about the Holy Ghost. I think he just got baptized but had to wait until this Sunday to get confirmed. Then we taught another lady and her friend about the Restoration (couldn't remember the Tagalog then. Seriously the language they were speaking was NOT Tagalog). Apparently, she was a member, but never went and literally doesn't understand anything about the Church because when she was converted, she only agreed because she liked the missionaries. Sad, but I guess it's pretty common. Anyway, it was a very humbling experience. They were very crowded in their houses, but they seem content with their lives. Plus we got to ride a jeepney, so that was real exciting. When someone new gets in, they pay and they say "bayad po" so that you will pass the money up to the driver. But my kasama said, many service opportunites. :) Anyway, I love the Philippines. I love the people, and I love you all! :)
 xoxo-Sister Callie

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