Sunday, February 15, 2015

First Love then Sacrifice

Well... We had a really good week this week. It's starting to get busy... We have zone conference this coming week, exchanges,. and a baptism! It's exciting, but it will be another crazy week. :)  My companion and I have.. I mean get to give a workshop at Zone Conference about the Area Book... So that should be fun. :) haha. 
Maybe I'm a little nervous but it will be fine. 

This week, one of my kabahays told me that I'm like a Filipina that's really good at English... So that happened. Those kind of comments just make me laugh. I don't feel like it's true, but okay I'll take it. 

I had a date on Valentine's. Sister Gerardo and I went to Pizza Hut with a member that worked with us.(Yes, they have Pizza Hut here. It's a sit down restaurant and considered fancy) One thing I always remember from the MTC is something the MTC President said. "First Love, then Sacrifice." (Haha that's the only way I felt like I could connect to Valentine's)  It's so true though. We love the things we sacrifice for and sacrifice the things we love. Love always needs to come first. :) Sacrifice was really hard for me at first because I was doing it wrong. Once I allowed myself to love the poeple, the culture, and everything, the sacrifice became much easier. Love and sacrifice didn't begin with us though. Heavenly Father would not have sacrificed His Son if He didn't love us, and Jesus Christ would not have sacrificed His life if He didn't love us. 

Anyway, I love you all!!  Have a fantastic week!

 Sister Holmes

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