Monday, May 26, 2014

Fresh from the Anak

Well this week was just great! I'm so grateful for all the things I've had the opportunity to learn. We had transfers this week.... I am still here in Tarlac.... but I have a new companion and by new, I mean NEW! Fresh from the MTC! Her name is Sister Macabanting and she is real cute! :) It's been a fun adventure helping her adjust to missionary life! She's really great. Sometimes I'm jealous because her language skills are so good. ;) Man, I am thinking if I was Filipina, my training would have been a whole lot easier. But I'm learning a lot from her and she's really sweet.

So in the mission, we call it nanay and anak (mother and child) if you are training right? Well GUESS WHAT. My nanay is my housemate! And my anak is here too.... So that means Sister Macabanting's lola(grandma) is her first kabahay(housemate). It's really a blessing though. 

This area is good.... Hopefully for real we will have a baptism this month! There was a few investigators from Mabalacat that got baptized last week!! YAY!! And hopefully I will be going to the temple in the next few months with recent converts there that are getting sealed!!! Exciting! Missionary work is hard. it's so hard, but I know I'm gettng stronger and I know that I'm not doing it alone. Even though it's hard, it's the happiest work in the world. 

By the way.... I ate chicken intestine this week... and yes, I DID know it was chicken intestine. I just closed my eyes and ate it. i didn't really like it... but I didn't throw up or gag really so that's good. I'm always afraid of offending people.We have dinner with the bishop later so I'm kind of nervous... last time they served fermented rice (which I got out of eating). 

Anyway I love you all! :) 
xoxo Sister Holmes  
 New Anak-Sister Macabanting

Sister Holmes seems so Happy!  Love it.

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