Monday, May 19, 2014

Balut and Chicken feet

So this week I had an interesting thing happen. On Tuesday, I got this nasty boil on my ankle. It hurt WAY bad, so I consulted my handy-dandy medical guide from the mission and followed the instructions. Then the next day I HAD TWO. Seriously disgusting. AND I couldn't walk. So that was real awesome. So now I'm taking some awesome antibiotics.

Also. I ate chicken feet, Like real chicken feet... but don't worry they pull off the outside skin and then you eat everything else. it was okay... I just couldn't get past that i was literally eating a chicken foot. i also ate goat. Which isn't that weird... but kind of. I also had a close call with balut. I almost ate it, but "it was too old" Oh well....too bad.... next time I guess. 

When I skyped this week... my aunt asked me a question about the differences between my expectations and realities of missionary work and I have been thinking about that a lot this week. I thought oh yeah I will have baptisms, the reality is... people's decisions. you can't force anything and it is taking people time. I am definitely learning patience. I thought that missionary work would become easier, but the reality is I am becoming stronger. I thought that I would find people who would want to be baptized right away, but it takes time for people to change. i thought when i spoke tagalog that there would be times where I was just fluent, but haha.... it takes hard work! :) of course. basicallyy, I am learning a lot. :) I'm grateful for all the ways I'm growing. 

Love you all! 
Sister Holmes

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