Friday, October 25, 2013

 Just outside the MTC in Manila.  The new missionaries wait to enter. This brings us comfort knowing we see plenty of suitcases. I  Love seeing this army of missionaries. You can also see the Manila Temple in the background. Absolutely beautiful.
 This kind sweet man.  Brother Santos works for the church in the Philippines, Aunt Lavon who communicates with him for work, mentioned to him that  Sister Holmes was going to be entering the MTC this day.  Came to greet her.  How sweet and kind of him.
This young man is Brother Santos nephew.  He was also entering the MTC today. Brother Santos brought Sister Holmes some beautiful roses to greet her.  From this picture also we find that Sister Holmes has not lost her passport (WOOHOOO!!!) and she knows we love her.  ( She is wearing a necklace we gave her) These pictures made my day!

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